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Ryan MacKeen is the Owner/Founder of Vary Real Technologies.  Vary Real Tech was created to help show what the variety and amazing quality of the 3D world.  3D can take on so many shapes and forms from 3D Models, Rendering images, Printing models, and even Virtual Reality and Simulations.

Ryan MacKeen
Owner Vary Real Technologies
3D Specialist

Ryan MacKeen is the Owner of Vary Real Technologies.  For years Ryan has had a passion for art, 3D and Games.  He began at a young age creating art, small card games, and board games.  As he neared the end of Middle School he started creating small games for personal entertainment.  Later he got into 3D modeling in High School, and gained a passion for 3D design, and continued this into College.


He has taken school training at Centre for Arts and Technologies, and then began working for the Department of National Defense (DND) for a year.  After finishing working at the DND, he began working for Bluedrop Simulation Training.


Since then he has been focusing on Vary Real Technologies to bring to life ideas from concept to creation in 3D images, game design, and printing.