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Game Design

Vary Real Tech focuses on asset and environment creation for game design.  Modeling is a specialty of Vary Real, the sketches or concept art can be taken and turned into a Low and/or high poly model used for Props, Assets, and Environment Creation.


Vary Real will work hard to match the proper style and poly/vert counts that are provided to keep the consistency of the game at hand.  Vary Real works closely with the developers to make sure the 3D Model matches the rest of the development of the game. 


Click Here for Game Design

Architectural Models & Renders

Vary Real Technologies can help with creating a more detailed version of a floor plan or simple model, by detailing it and creating short videos, and/or high quality images of the interior or exterior of the building.

Vary Real Tech will take your floor plan, drawings or sketches, and make a 3D version of it with high quality realistic images to show off to clients before the project even starts.  This gives your clients a whole new level of detail to see what there project is going to look like, allowing for changes quickly.

Click Here for Building/Architecture Modeling

3D Printing

Vary Real Tech can help create 3D models to print for various uses.  3D Printing can be used to create a detailed miniature of a house design to get a better sense of the layout of the building created.

Creating 3D prints for projects such as prototypes or designs for a specific it can be achieved as well.  We have taken on projects such as 3D Modeling and printing  a custom made Tap Handle Logo design.



Click Here for 3D Printing

Technical Models & Renders

Vary Real Technologies can create polished high poly versions of any technical or engineering model or work.  Ryan has specialized in technical modeling over his career in DND and Bluedrop. 

After being provided a 3D model or a technical drawing of the desired object Vary Real Tech will work hard to provide a high quality and precise models to be used in showing your product off to clients with a polished version of what you want the model to look like.  These models can also be used for training purposes with something such as mechanical models to show the inside and out of the product and show what each bit is used for.

Click Here for Technical Modeling